Hello All! Here are all the details of the upcoming Christmas Party for PAPAGP on Dec. 22, 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM; at Saint Mary of the Mount Academy; 115 Bigham St., Pittsburgh, PA 15211.

Guests are welcome! Guest fees: $10/adult (11 and up), $5/child (6-10 yrs old), Free- under 5 yrs



Main Dishes

Lechon Donation by Norie, Mars/Cranberry area

Plus Sarsa 20 bottles and McKeesport area

Hamon 3 Donation by Deedee, Ben, Nenette.

Pork BBQ 300 + pcs. Donation by Anna, Agnes, Bong

Fried Chicken 200-250 pcs. Sanchez, Basa, Mamaril, Regana, Medillo, with PAPAGP subsidy

Bistek Deedee will prepare; donation by Pittsburgh area (Lagnese, Alba, Pacifico, Dampil, Tolosa)

Pancit Guisado 2 trays donated by Sonia Narciso

1 tray donated by Cristy Lagnese, 2 trays donated by East (Gancia, Alonsagay, Herold, Brecht, Grado, Resnik, Bee Achas)

Lumpianitos 400 + pcs Donation by Mila Ackerman

Green Bean Casserole 2 large trays Donation by Vi Alba

Tossed Salad with Dressing Buy at Sam’s Eva Resnik will prepare

Atchara Two big bowls Donation by Nenette

Macaroni and Cheese 2 large trays Donation by Eden



Steamed White Rice

Rolls 200 pcs Breadworks (Ben & Lorna will get)



Leche Flan Eva will donate 4 rounds, Mila Lopez ( ?) , Dedeng 4 rounds

Biko 4 large trays Nenette will prepare

Fruit Salad 2 large trays Nenette and Bee will prepare

Grapes Donation by Cristy Lagnese

Sago and Taho Donation by Mila Ackerman

Cookies Donations needed Some donated by Mila Ackerman


Sodas and water (Sodas by PAPAGP, water donations by members)

Lemonade (Agnes in charge, prepare there, Nenette has 2 ice ring molds and punch bowl)

Coffee and condiments

Merienda : Arroz caldo Served at 8pm, prepared there Donation by Phil andd Toni Mendoza




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From West Liberty Avenue:

1. Drive straight up to Liberty Tubes, but don’t enter. Be in left hand lane.
2. Turn left onto Rt. 51 North
3. Travel approximately 1 mile north on Rt. 51, and just when you pass through underpass, turn right at the traffic light onto Woodruff St.
4. Slight left onto Merrimac St.
5. Turn left onto Grandview Ave. Travel 2 blocks.
6. Turn left onto Bigham St.
7. Turn left onto driveway to parking area.

From Rt. 376:

1. Take Rt. 51 South.
2. Travel approximately 2/3 mile.
3. In order to turn left onto Woodruff St, you need to use a rare “teacup handle” pattern. To do this, be in the right hand lane, and follow the teacup handle instead of going through the underpass. If you miss it, and travel through the underpass, turn around and follow the instructions for the West Liberty directions above, starting at the Rt 51 point.
4. Once you are on Woodruff St, Take Slight left onto Merrimac St.
5. Turn left onto Grandview Ave. Travel 2 blocks.
6. Turn left onto Bigham St.
7. Turn left onto driveway to parking area.

From the North of Pittsburgh:

1. Take 579 South to Liberty Bridge.
2. Just before the Liberty Tubes, get in right hand lane, and turn right onto P.J. McArdle Roadway.
3. At the top of the hill, at the traffic light, turn right onto Grandview Ave. Travel 2 blocks.
4. Turn left onto Bigham St.
5. Turn left onto driveway to parking area.

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