An Important Message and Invitation from Beth S. Hoey, PAPAGP’s Co-Artistic Director, Choreographer, and Instructor:

Benefits of participating in the 4th Annual Philippine American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh’s Recital Show  entitled “KASAYSAYAN: A Philippine Dance and Music Odyssey:

  • In addition to gaining self-confidence, learning new skills & developing creativity, self-discipline and self-motivation, participants will learn about the evolution of the dance form and its connection to a variety of performing arts as well as athletic styles.
  • Participants will be dancing, singing & acting in PAPAGP’s interpretation of the influence of other countries on Philippine dance & music from Pre-Spanish Period (tribal) to Modern Times (now).
  • Participants will be taught the music and dance genres & the importance of music, addressing contemporary national and international issues.
  • Participants will  learn how to connect with their own emotions and find the vital energy that draws an audience’s attention.
  • Last, but not the least, learning teamwork skills is a valuable lesson that every participant will learn in a fun group like PAPAGP!

PAPAGP encourages performers (with or without formal training) of all ages, gender & ethnicities to e-mail us at We are particularly interested in creating a diverse ensemble that reflects the multi-culturalism of the show. Free class is on-going every Sunday in downtown Pittsburgh. Free Intensive training will be held on Oct 9-11. Don’t miss it!