Well, the PAPAGP’s Second Recital was a crowd pleaser!

Not only did our many, many guests enjoy the best of a variety of Filipino Folk dances, but they also were pleased to enjoy the musical interludes, the amazing fashion show with so many dresses; and they also were able to enjoy many Filipino pastries and dishes during the event.

Following the theme “Kasalan” (weddings) of the 2nd Recital, Nenette made a 3-tiered double-layered wedding cake and frosted it with the classic Filipino butter icing (a 3-day process), while Toni made the edible sugar flowers for decorations (also took her days to make).  The wedding cake was topped with gumpaste bride-and-groom dolls in traditional Filipino wedding attire, hand-made by Tina’s mother (Mrs. Avelina Florendo).




The event was highlighted by the Tribune-Review: http://triblive.com/news/allegheny/5083862-74/brother-foundation-recital#axzz2ku7gygGs

The Philippine American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh also donated $4783.00 to Brother’s Brother Foundation on 11/20/13.

Well, let the videos commence!