A special message and thanks from Nenette:

So many persons to give heartful of thanks to, where do we even begin?

We begin with Tina Purpura, The MADZ Event Coordinator and our incomparable and most devoted supporter, along with her dedicated committee:

Event Chairs: Myrna Bella, Maria Cristina Lagnese, Marissa Morrison
Program: Dee Portugal, Nenette Angeles
Tickets: Marilou Intong

Sponsorships: Vi Alba, Tina Purpura
Treasurer: Marita Sebastian
Hospitality: Vi and Joe Alba, Renea Alfonso, Ollie and Nenette Angeles, Pat Bulseco, Ellen Changco, Ron de la Vega, David and Cristina Lagnese, Mila Lopez, Melody Mendoza,   George and Odette Ong, Ben Pacifico, Larry and Tina Purpura, Marietta Trent, Jocelynn Valderrama, and PAPAGP families

Website:Larry DelRe
Bake Sale: Eva Resnik, Eden DelRe

Heartfelt thanks also go to:

1)  The PAPAGP dancers who always turns out their best, and who never cease to amaze!

2) Our supportive PAPAGP parents and families, especially the dependable and able dressing room moms, and the hard working Bake Sale coordinators, bakers, sellers, and all other donors of sorts.

3) David and Cristina Lagnese for the use of their beautiful home, their donations of food and drinks, and for sharing their expertise in entertaining.

4) Dr. Lu Ravano for accepting the job of Master of Ceremonies readily at the last minute (and doing a great job!).

5.) Ms. Nilda Cano of the Bigelow Conference Center (where we held our Gala/Recital) for a lovely dinner last night for the MADZ,  the PAPAGP Board and host families.

6)  Our many Sponsors, Patrons, and Donors (listing in our Program Book) for their most generous support.

I am sure to forget others we owe gratitude to, please do not hesitate to point out.

Let’s congratulate ourselves for a great event:  we once again accomplished our mission of spreading Philippine culture, had a wonderful time, and raised money for our dance troupe.



Videos from Sunday’s Event:

Pandanggo Oasiwas:



Lapay Bantigue:

National Anthem: